Scott W. Spaulding is a life long resident of Lake County, married way above his station and father of two practicing law in Illinois since 1995. He is a principled and experienced trial attorney with over ten years of standing by his clients and representing them in Illinois' complex legal system. A graduate of Marquette University School of Law, Mr. Spaulding has appeared in hundreds of cases in Lake, Cook and the collar counties from the routine to the complex. In addition, Mr. Spaulding has worked for and with insurance companies and knows how they operate. Trying numerous cases to verdict, he brings to each case ten years worth of experience in analyzing legal issues, evidentiary issues, anticipating challenges, formulating legal strategies from a variety of perspectives, arguing points of law to the courts and exposing the weaknesses in his opponent's cases even before appearing in front of the judge or jury.

Each matter you have before the court is the most important one, because it is yours. Contact with the court can cause anxiety, apprehension, depression and straight out panic. It is important to have professional and experienced representation from the start to have your questions answered, know your rights and your options, because only then can you have the peace of mind to make the right decision for you. The right combination of experience and knowledge will make all the difference in your case. Mr. Spaulding brings to you and your case that experience and knowledge that can make all the difference.

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