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Civil Litigation Attorney in Waukegan, IL

The term civil as it is applied in our jurisprudence refers to the assertion of private rights or remedies at law in a courtroom or formal legal setting. The most common and popular example of civil litigation in our society is the personal injury case filed with a circuit court. The term litigation is a general legal term meaning the actual engagement of legal proceedings.

Civil litigation extends way beyond the personal injury or probate case. Our state government and local municipalities operate numerous administrative bodies such as the Department of Children and Family Services, the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, village boards of fire and police commissioners, actions before local school boards and independent bodies such as municipal police pension boards. Each political body can have its own rules and regulations governing hearings in addition to the Administrative Code of the State of Illinois. Rest assured each board retains an experienced attorney to represent its own interests. Regardless of the forum, traditional notions of American jurisprudence usually prevail but the rules of evidence can vary from the strict to the almost non-existent. More than once the unwary litigant has been caught short and suffered unnecessarily for their lack of knowledge.

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That is why, no matter the forum, it is always important to consult an experienced and qualified attorney at law to protect your rights when legal proceedings can strip the unwary of rights, privileges or property. Mr. Spaulding possesses the skill and experience to navigate these treacherous areas of law to assert, protect and defend your rights before the court in a personal injury suit or before an administrative body.

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