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DUI Defense Attorney in Waukegan, IL

Why You Need a DUI Lawyer

The penalties for Driving Under the Influence can be severe in Illinois. We can’t stress enough that a driver arrested for Driving Under the Influence consult a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney on the potential penalties and possible defenses to the charge.

What to Expect When Facing a DUI Charge

A driver arrested and accused of driving under the influence in Waukegan or Lake County, IL faces two opponents:

First, the Secretary of State will impose a summary suspension upon the driver on the 46th day after their arrest. This is the Statutory Summary Suspension. The length of the suspension is determined by whether or not the driver submitted to testing and whether that driver is a first offender. A first offender who submitted to testing and was determined to be over .08 BAC faces a six-month suspension while a refusal is a one-year suspension. A driver who is not a first offender who submitted to testing faces a one year suspension while that same driver faces a 3-year suspension for refusing to submit to testing.

Second, the State of Illinois will seek to convict a driver accused of Driving Under the Influence. Penalties under the law range from court supervision for first offenders to mandatory time in the Illinois Department of corrections for drivers with multiple convictions.

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Possible Penalties for a First Offense DUI

A first offense in the state of Illinois is a Class A Misdemeanor (without aggravating factors such as suspended license, injury or property damage). Sentences for a first offense typically involve a Court Supervision of up to 2 years, DUI Lawyer Alcohol or Drug Counseling based upon a DUI evaluation and fines generally between $500-$2,500.00 depending upon the municipality. A blood alcohol concentration of .16 or greater requires a mandatory 100 hours community service and a mandatory minimum fine of $500.00.

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