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Family Law Attorney in Waukegan, IL

Family law is a general term for the body of law affecting most family matters. These matters include divorce, child support, child custody, paternity, domestic violence, post-decree modifications, visitation and the like. Families contemplating these issues often go through a whole spectrum of feelings and emotions before even deciding to seek legal advice.

As a single father of two young boys, Scott W. Spaulding is very conscious of the emotional turmoil families go through in these issues. It is very important to have the guidance and advice of an attorney at this time to answer your questions and lead you through this often complex area of law. With the goal of protecting your rights and with an eye toward developing a healthy parent-child relationship, you need an attorney with the right experience to examine each legal issue, obstacle and, roadblock of an opponent. At a time of heightened emotions, experienced legal representation before a court with the discretion to determine issues of custody, visitation and child support is the best chance to lay the groundwork for a continuing healthy parent-child relationship while protecting your rights.

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Scott W. Spaulding is that attorney with experience in representing his client’s interests at a time when effective advocacy can be the most critical. In addition, his practical knowledge of co-parenting on a personal level aids him in assisting clients on a realistic and not theoretical basis. Family matters often involve intractable issues that can affect your rights. Don’t go it alone. Contact Scott W. Spaulding via e-mail for a prompt response or by phone to schedule a free initial consultation.