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Even When You're Facing The Most Difficult Circumstances


I handle tough cases with exacting legal strategies and tactics proven inside and outside the courtroom.


During your case, my objective is to help you pursue the best possible outcome — no matter what.


Even if things look bad for your case, I will pursue every avenue and use every resource for your defense.

Waukegan, IL Criminal Defense & Foreclosure Attorney

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Scott W. Spaulding


Graduating law school in the mid-'90s dumped me into a tough market for my legal practice. Luckily, I was able to find work at an insurance company and acted as their trial attorney before getting into criminal defense and criminal trials.
One of the reasons I decided to strike out on my own was that after 10 years of working as a trial attorney, I approached cases a bit differently than my colleagues, and I wanted the freedom to be a better attorney for my clients. I knew that going out on my own would allow me to give them the best legal advice and representation, regardless of their individual circumstances — and that's what continues to drive me today.

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"My goal is getting the best result for my client, and being a tough opponent for my peers."

Scott W. Spaulding

Protecting rights | Defending Freedoms

Being arrested but not charged may seem like a minor thing, but consider what it can do to your reputation. An employer or landlord learning of your arrest may think twice about renting to or hiring you. And if you are charged but not convicted, you've certainly dodged a bullet, but there can still be fallout from the incident.

My criminal defense practice helps clients protect their individual rights and defend their freedoms within the justice system. I work tirelessly to help you protect your name by properly presenting your case. It is my job to make sure you go into the courtroom prepared to tell your side of the story.

I tell my clients to always remain calm and respectful as a way to save your reputation and mitigate any potential negative circumstances that can arise from mouthing off or losing control. Two things I tell my clients to never do: 1) Never talk to the police unless you've been shot, and 2) Never let the police question you without an attorney.

In order to present the strongest defense, you need to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. After many years as a trial attorney, I've gained valuable insights that can help my clients outline a strong defense for their case.

Crafting solutions to meet your needs

As a criminal defense and DUI defense attorney in Waukegan, Illinois, I'm proud to say my practice is driven by getting results for my clients, and over the years, I have become recognized as a formidable opponent by opposing prosecutors.

When you schedule a consultation with me, I'll sit down with you to better understand who you are and the circumstances of your situation. Once I know the details of your case, I will present all of your legal options and discuss how we can achieve success in terms you can understand.

If you're going through a foreclosure, or you know one is coming and don't know what to do, I'm here to help. Oftentimes, your lender wants you to believe you have no rights when you are behind on your mortgage, but that's not true. I can help you understand your rights and fight to help you find a solution to move forward.

The residents of Lake County know that they can come to me for legal advice, regular counsel, and dependable representation. They know I care about my clients and their future. So if you are in need of trusted legal counsel, reach out to my office today.